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20MP Multi Languages High Speed Flatten Curve Book Scanner high resolution A3 Portable Document Camera Scanner


* HD scanning, automatic focus document scanner

Adopt high quality 20 mega pixels HD CMOS, owns auto-focus function, imaging up to professional standard.

* Green environmental, low carbon energy saving high resolution document scanner

Adopt USB connect with computer, no need extra power-supply and scan high quality image scan documents.

* Speedy scan, one-click finished book scanner

click the scan button with the mouse, one-click to finish scan, just need one second.

* High resolution document scanner with ABBYY OCR

Scan documents, data, bills, certificates, books, real objects etc.

* Timing shooting, fast copying  document camera

setting the shooting interval time, automatic shoot by setting the software, fast scanning.

* Multi-language for the software which is in the USB disk or download from our website.

* Automatically book scanning flatten curve technology.

Major Applications:

(1) Education and school (2) Library (3) Business (4) Hospital (5) Individual

(6) Government (7) Bank (8) Police Station (9) Customs Bureau (10) Archives Bureau

It was built to be used as a book scanner. It is a very useful tool because it uses flattening curve technology to scan the pages of books. 

It also can remove your fingerprint in case it got in the way of scanning.

Included with this device are 28 built-in LED lights, which means lighting will never be an issue.

It is not only a camera, but it is also an excellent scanner. For individuals looking for a way to scan their books, this is the perfect option.

Ability to continuously shoot which means it gives you time to turn the page and continues to capture the images.

Can be used with multiple languages.

Foldable and portable which means teachers can take it from room to room with them if needed.

It is very durable, stable, and very easy to begin using.

Model Number
Max Paper Size
Scan Mode
Resolution Ratio
5160*3870 (20 mega pixels)
Alloy foldable
Scan Speed
About 1 second
Image Color
24 bit
Light Source
Natural light and touching three buttons to fill light according to filled light intensity
Image Processing
Brightness adjustment, saturation adjustment, exposure adjustment, sharpness adjustment, color adjustment, gain control, etc.
Scan Medium
Documents, bills, ID cards, notes, photographs, magazines, books, 3D objects, etc.
Operation System
Windows 2003 / XP / Vista SP1 / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10, etc.
Intelligent trimming correction, auto focus, front and back combination, barcode identification, 2D barcode reading, stamp tool (electronic signature), watermark, PDF, video, OCR recognition, book scanning flatten, remove fingermarks, etc.
Image Format
Document Format
Video Format
Power Supply
Image Control
Brightness / exposure / color / gain / rotation / contrast / saturation / white balance, etc.
Scan Way
Color, gray, black and white, under color removal
Soft mat
Driver free, directly using video device by connecting the USB interface
SDK Interfaces
C#, JAVA, HTML ,VB,VC,OCX, TWAIN and other interfaces,(support for secondary development)
System Requirement
P4 or the same level CPU,512M above, support Windows 2003, Windows XP, WIN 7, WIN 8/WIN10, the host needs to build a built-in USB2.0 adapter card or an extrapolated USB2.0 adapter MS Direct X9.0 version.  Not for  Mac or Chrome.

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How to Choose a Document Camera? (FAQ)

1. Is this document camera portable?

If you are someone who needs to use your document camera on the go, it’s portable.

This document camera is lightweight and easy to carry. 

2. Can it be connected to a computer?

Hooking up your document camera to a computer allows you to make edits and other changes on your computer 

while the projection is visible to everyone. This connection typically happens over USB.

3. Does it have a zoom feature?

The zoom feature is what enables you to take anything very small and zoom in on it so that everyone can see. 

This could be the small print on a business card,  or the threads on a screw.

If you are presenting to large groups of people, you will probably want the zoom feature.

4.How high is the resolution?

This document camera provide 20MP (5160*3870 pixels), so you don’t have to settle for anything less. 

Some of the cheaper models do have a lower resolution, but those are becoming more and more obsolete.

5.Does it have the video recording feature?

Our document cameras allow you to record a video of your presentation. 

Perfect for catching people up who weren’t able to attend the live presentation.

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